RFP, Request for Proposals in Transportation Industry

Request for Proposal stamp

The contractor selection process begins with a “Request for Bids,” “Request for Service” or, more commonly, “Request for Proposals” (RFP). An RFP can range from an overzealous, micromanaged, needlessly-detailed tome to a single page questionnaire. Criteria can range from simply the lowest cost (known as “low bid”) to a more sophisticated structure that considers factors like the experience of the firm, the experience of the key personnel assigned to the project (often referred to as the “management team”), understanding of the problem, implementation plan, management plan and, finally, costs. In modes like paratransit service, where efficiency can differ significantly among bidders, non-cost factors can comprise a considerable percentage of a proposal’s score (or “weight.”). However, the disappearance of any design, and the increasing use of the same robots by many bidders, has reduced non-cost-related considerations in recent years.