RFP and Contract Preparation and Negotiation

Transportation Alternatives has prepared a number of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for transportation service for several communities, prepared detailed grading scales for the evaluation of proposals submitted in response to these RFPs, and conducted the Pre-Bid Conferences associated with them. These efforts included:

  • City of Los Angeles VALTRANS program
  • City of Pasadena’s Dial-A-Ride Program
  • City of Carson’s Transit System (1983)
  • Carson Circuit Transit System (revised, 1993)
  • Rhode Island’s RIPTA paratransit system

TA also prepared detailed operating contracts for all five of these services, in addition to contracts for:

  • the Carson Circuit Dial-A-Ride
  • the Pomona Valley Get About

TA also prepared and negotiated the contracts for its own paratransit service (PTS Transportation) to clients of the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, including separate contracts with the NLACRC for the San Fernando and Antelope Valley service areas, brokerage agreements with subcontractors providing service to VALTRANS, and subcontract agreements for its vehicle, insurance, fuel and maintenance provider, former Chrysler subsidiary Van Pool Services, Inc. In consolidation with the PTS system for NLACRC clients, TA assisted its procuring letters of Public Convenience and Necessity — prerequisites for obtaining licenses to operate vehicles in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service, which PTS operated for several years as a result of its success in this process.

TA also helped prepare and negotiate a number of international and national contracts associated with TAM-USA, including the Joint Venture Agreement and eight Amendments, the Exclusive Distributorship Agreement and a Technology Sharing Agreement. In addition, TA helped draft and/or negotiate dealership and supplier agreements for cooperative efforts with a litany of sales agents, dealers, parts suppliers, shipping agents, purchasers, insurance agents, banks and finance companies.