Map and Schedule Design

Transportation Alternatives created the concepts for, designed, and coordinated the production of the unique color-coded, non-lingual, user-centric map and schedule for the Carson Circuit Transit System (which TA also designed in 1983, and redesigned a decade later (See Carson Circuit Map and Carson Circuit Schedule). Reflecting the system for which these materials were designed — transit system used primarily by high school and junior high school students, and also by many elementary school students — the map and schedule were oriented to reflect the user’s rather than the system’s perspective (See Route D Map/Schedule). And the color-coding throughout it enabled someone unable to read (much less read English) to follow routes and identify stops, as well as transfer points between this eight-route system, seven other regional bus systems, and a light rail line (see Transfer Points). Also unique to this map’s design concept, a small insert of the City depicts the system along with the full length of every regional transit line interfacing with it, so that system users could identify the endpoints and areas served by all connecting services (See Insert).