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Mr. Einstein has served as an expert in more than 600 public transportation lawsuits, including more than 100 involving crossing, more than 150 involving boarding and alighting, and more than 100 involving wheelchair and/or passenger securement. Cases have involved personal injury, wrongful death, labor relations and class action lawsuits. (See Common Accident and Incident Scenarios). Mr. Einstein has particular expertise in incidents involving elderly and disabled individuals and children.

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Public transportation lies at the center of both the problems with, and solutions to, the coronavirus. President Ned Einstein of NYC-based Transportation Alternatives has written regularly on this subject.

Part 1: Motorcoarch Survival in the Age of Covid-19: Roles and Responsibilities

Important roles motorcoaches should have played when the outbreak began

Part 3: Transit Survival in the Age of Covid-19

Changes that must occur for the transit industry to survive and possibly become a role model for contributing to our recovery.

Part 4: Motorcoarch Survival in the Age of Covid-19:

Drivers, Health and Coronavirus After a rude wakeup call, we have begun protecting our bus and coach drivers aggressively. And effectively.

With more than 40 years experience in public transportation, Ned Einstein has served as an expert witness in more than 600 lawsuits, for both plaintiffs and defendants, including:


cases involving boarding or alighting accidents


cases involving vehicle & pedestrian accidents (mostly during crossings)


cases involving wheelchair and/or passenger securement


cases involving walker or cane users


nationally-published books, papers and featured trade magazine articles

Areas of Expertise

Modes and Service

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Not only an Expert Witness, but a passenger transportation safety consultant.

Mr. Einstein designed fixed route, demand-responsive and hybrid transportation systems, conducted planning studies, prepared transportation plans, designed routes, schedules and maps, and for 10 years, directed the operations of his own 70-vehicle transportation system for disabled passengers.

Safety Compromises

Half of all public transportation incidents are the result of deliberate compromises of passenger, pedestrian and public safety in return for other trade-offs. Learn more, visit our affiliate sites:


The impact of recent events during COVID-19 and trends on the transportation industry

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