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Drivers, Health and Coronavirus

When those in my city began noticing, in early-March, New York City Transportation Authority employees had already experienced 41 deaths from Covid-19, and literally 6,000 workers were out on sick-leave. One suspects a significant percentage of them were infected with the virus. Otherwise, those ill with something else were likely more worried about it then they would have been during the Old Abnormal. The high percentage of bus and motorcoach drivers infected or killed by the virus does not sim- ply reflect their early exposure to a broad cross-section of largely (if not mostly) economically-deprived passengers packed, without masks, into

Motorcoach Survival in the Age of Covid-19 Part 1: Roles and Opportunities

I would normally begin a series by exploring the origin of the problems. These would have included four decades of failure in multiple sectors of public transportation. Among its fellow modes, the motorcoach industry created the fewest of these failures. But the motorcoach industry has been limited in its capabilities to contribute to the current crisis by poor decisions made above and around it, and beyond its control, for at least four decades now – as I have noted in many NATIONAL BUS TRADER articles. Decades of mistakes now threaten the motorcoach industry’s very survival. But they have also compromised