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Drivers v. Robots, Part 3: Defensive Driving in the Age of Entitlement

One can begin a speech on any subject by claiming that, “It was a period of great change.” Often, the problem with change is not change. It is the failure to adjust to it. This has been less true in the last five decades. It is unfair to compare today’s America with America 50 years ago. Genuine unemployment was rare. Disparities in income were moderate. Staff were everywhere. Businesses and public agencies got the phone. America sent Care Packages around the World. World population was dramatically less. Nearly 100% of the coral was alive. The oceans were not overfished. Species

Tight Schedules, Part 4: Complementary Paratransit Service

Most motorcoach companies do not provide paratransit service. So learning the nuances of this mode is often limited. But much can be learned from this rarely-creative, inefficient and often dangerous service. Paratransit’s tight schedules, and the reasons for them, provide important lessons for any mode of transportation. In contrast to motorcoach operators, transit agencies have a formal responsibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide complementary paratransit service. Most transit agencies contract out these services to private companies. Either way, tight schedules trigger safety compromises. If the victim has an effective attorney, tight schedules are a liability. Ingenuity