Einstein Explains Bus Lag in Series for National Bus Trader

Following up on his institutional, forensic and literary crusade to reduce catastrophic motorcoach accidents, Transportation Alternatives President Ned Einstein has begun authoring a series of extended columns about “Bus Lag” in National Bus Trader magazine. Following on the heels to two installments about “Bio Sensitive Driver Assignment” – one of the major components of the solution – each installment about Bus Lag will cite a catastrophic motorcoach accident on whose lawsuit Mr. Einstein served as an expert witness, where the driver fell asleep at the wheel largely because his or her shift began considerably earlier or later than the one driven the day before (i.e., shift inversion). These articles may be viewed at www.transalt.com – scroll down on the Home Page to “Articles and Publications by Ned Einstein,” click, and scroll to the links titled Bus Lag (in September, 2014). Brand new on the website is Bus Lag, Part 2: On-Duty, Driving and Sound Asleep.

These articles involve a number of elements that often combine to contribute to bus lag:

  • Motorcoach operations
  • Charter service
  • Dispatching
  • Scheduling
  • Driver assignment
  • Driver/motorist fatigue
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Regulations

A short essay about “Fatigue and Catastrophic Accidents” may be viewed at www.transalt.com: Click on the link “Common Accident and Incident Scenarios” on the Home Page, scroll down to the link titled “Fatigue and Catastrophic Accidents” (or enter https://transalt.com/content/fatigue-and-catastrophic-accidents).