Ned Einstein Takes on New Paratransit-Related Case

Transportation Alternatives recently began assisting a plaintiff’s counsel in its 121st paratransit-related lawsuit. In this matter, a wheelchair user with severe leg problems, whose chair was often not properly secured, attempted to transfer from her wheelchair to a fixed passenger seat. Because the driver did not assist her in this transition, she slipped and fell during the transfer, breaking her leg and incurring related injuries.

Transportation Alternatives is a NYC-based public transportation consulting and forensic expert witness firm. Its forensic practice encompasses all ground transportation modes, including fixed route transit, paratransit, non-emergency medical transportation/ambulette, medical, school bus, special education, motorcoach, taxi, shuttle and other services, and representing both plaintiffs and defendants and their insurance carriers. TA President Ned Einstein specializes in modes serving elderly and disabled individuals and schoolchildren, and otherwise emphasizes regulatory violations (particularly involving the ADA, FERPA, HIPAA , FMCSA and FTA regulations) and the seeking of “special damages.” . Mr. Einstein may be reached at 212-766-1121, or via Transportation Alternatives’ website: